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Areas of Practice



It’s proven that gender diversity at the top level positively affects corporate governance and business strategy. This in turn leads to better decision-making and stronger financial results within a company. Our approach uses years of marketing, management and sales experience to help businesses grow. We consult on growth strategy by looking at the external market as well as focusing on the internal structure. 

training on effective MENTORship of HIGH ACHIEVERS

Often times, companies have a wealth of talent and dedication at entry level and middle management. We work with businesses to create a strategy to mentor their high-achieving employees at all levels to ensure the highest lifetime value per employee across the organisation. Our approach uses marketing, sales and management best practices that have proven customer retention success and turns that into internal employee practice.

Key performance indicators

Despite the fact that for the last 20 years, the percentage of women graduating university has exceeded men, that balance of educated talent is not reflected in business. Part of understanding the top talent within an organisation is measuring success. We work with businesses to identify top talent using key performance indicators and ensure that a program is in place to retain them into senior management. 


One of the most difficult times to retain employees is after a career break or life change such as parental leave. But it’s also the best time to solidify loyalty and retain the best talent if done correctly. Our approach to employee re-entry starts before the leave begins and puts control and accountability in the hands of the employee. 


Our approach applies industry experience and marketing / management best practices in order to increase retention of top talent and high-achievers within organisations and in turn, improve the bottom line.  The same practices that have been perfected to retain an organisation’s best customers should also be used for employees.


Effectively managing parental leave is our passion. None of us can do it alone. Most employees require support in order to return to work effectively. As part of our consultative services, we offer individual employee support through parental leave or career breaks.